VJ DECOY uses her film making and photographic skills to create images of India that are evocative, personal and compelling, along with skills in visual programming, content creation, real-time mixing and set design; VJing has become more than a passion over the last 8 years of her experience. While creating live original visual sequences spontaneously, she is not limited by a particular musical form/ genre and can modulate to any live, acoustic or electronic performances.

While most performances have been in the dance music scene, VJ Decoy has also collaborated with classical ensembles, dancers and other VJ’s. It is interesting to watch her audio visual jugalbandi with musicians, DJ’s or sound artists as you are made to feel the connection as well as the conversations between the performing artists. A lot of her visual mixing techniques are based on old school DJ tricks and mixing moving art with technology to create a visual orchestra.

She is part of the international VJ collective AETHER09 – that does remote storytelling and live video mixing across continental borders. She was part of the “3L” software beta testers team – the only VJ software that creates live 3D content. She represents VIXID, the makers of cutting edge VJ technology and the most versatile Video mixer – Vxid VJ16.

The year 2012-13 she spent in Moscow interacting with the Russian electronic music and visuals scene, Training on D3 and Kinetic art.

VJ DECOY uses professional Licensed software and hardware for all gigs.