Peeping into the tucked cityscape of a Delhi cycle rickshaw yard, Dudro depicts the interaction of a dancer and this space, revealing unseen and untold social dynamics and narratives.


Shot by filmmaker Dhanya Pilo and choreographer Parimal Phadke, Dudro emerged out of the Yellow Line Project organised by GATI Dance forum, facilitated by British dance film guru Liz Aggiss. From its conceptual origins in the mindset of dance-master emerge its choreographed movements, taking the externally obscure and shedding light upon insider experience. Dudro traces the circumstantial immersion of a young man into the mechanical, mundane world of the Delhi rickshaw wallahs, his initial discomfort evident via the languor and internal cacophony, transforming into the eventually seasoned movements and the more familiar bustling sounds of the city. It climaxes with the re-emergence of externality as experienced by the young city dweller, the common suggestively offensive front put up by the rickshaw wallas, and the eventual acceptance of situation and condition. The devil, if one may be forgiven for using an overused idiom, is in the details, as the frontal absurdness of the whole depiction conceals within it an existential exploration of sorts.

Pilo and Phadke pick a usually overseen lot, armed with their non-petroleum pedal pushed services, whose exhaust free trails were particularly attractive to the two. Phadke, himself a dancer specializing in Bharath-natayam, uses the rickshaw yard as a performance space of a most unusual sort. Lionel Denton (Da-Saz) provides the score, using solely on site sounds to offer interestingly rehashed non-diegetic sounds. The Delhi rickshaw wallas themselves were, after the initial spike in curiosity, comfortable enough to be accommodative and adventurous in their willingness to be performers. Dudro’s cohesion of film, dance and site make it a thought provoking experience, one which promises to engage long beyond its precise duration.

Aspect ratio – 16:9
Source media : HD
Date of completion: Dec 2011
Country: INDIA
Duration: 5 min 30 seconds
Director: Dhanya Pilo
Choreographer: Parimal Phadke
Performers: Parimal Phadke
Camera: Frederic Lombard & Dhanya Pilo
Editing: Dhanya Pilo
Music: Lionel Dentan (DA-SAZ)


©2017 by dhanya pilo.