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Film Designer, Artist, space designer, catalyst,

Urban designer, wind catcher. o

1981 Born in Kerala, India. 

Grew up witnessing Bombay turn into Mumbai.

Has a secret desire to climb billboards.

1997 - Learnt how to use rifles

2001 - went for her first Sailing -World Racing Championship

2002 - witnessed the Gujrat Riots

2004 - Almost considered a pastoral life in Kutch, Gujarat

2007 - Founded "The Wall Project"

In 2009, CNN GO – voted her on The Mumbai Hot List: 20 people to watch.

2010 - Experienced her first Gale Storm in the Arabian Sea

 2012, Lived in Russia

2013, Learnt to snowboard

 2016, did a solo road trip in Srilanka

2018, built her first Synthesizer

2018, gave a TEDx talk

2018, founded Algorave India

2018, hosted FAT FINGER MAYHEM

2019, Sailed from Mumbai to Srilanka

2020, became a dog Mom

2021, Became a Martian

2023, Greater Than> Lesser Than

2023, Sailing TP52 super series in Australia on 'Denali'

2023, Sailed from Azores to Southampton on 'Maiden'

2023, Team Maiden for Ocean Globe Race 2023

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