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The Full Story


  • do you want to upgrade your house

  • do you feel uninspired when you are at home?

  • do you want to have fun at home

  • do you want more energy, vibe & STYLE

  • DO you feel someone in your house is not 100% and want to do something special for them

we OFFER BESPOKE LIFE COACHING THROUGH FOOD,ART, INTERIOR DECOR, MUSIC THERAPY, DANCE through a love for NATURE & HUMAN RESILIENCE. get in touch  to know more about our consultancy.



Life has so much to offer and sometimes we forget all that in the middle of a hectic urban lifestyle. Unfortunately, none of these things are elementary and you learn by doing and showing up. We are here to share, guide and curate interesting ways to relook at your life and lifestyle.


life is good, life is testing, life is a journey, life is a story, how do you want to write your story?

We provide counselling services if you want to start having fun in life.

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