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VJ DECOY uses her film making and photographic skills to create images of India that are evocative, personal and compelling, along with skills in visual programming, content creation, real-time mixing, video mapping and set design; VJing has become more than a passion over the last 15 years of her experience.

Visual Jockey DECOY aka Dhanya Pilo, is a Mumbai based Spacial media artist & film designer.

With a meticulous visual programming of her set, she blends moving art with technology to create a visual orchestra. While creating original video sequences spontaneously, she is not limited by a particular musical form and modulates to various electro/acoustic performances.  While most performances have been in the dance music scene, VJ Decoy has also collaborated with classical ensembles, dancers and other VJ’s. It is interesting to watch her visual jugalbandi with musicians, DJ’s or sound artists as you are made to feel the connection as well as the conversations between the performing artists.

  • VJ-ing since 2006

  • part of the international VJ collective AETHER09 – remote storytelling and live networked video mixing across continental borders.

  • "Play" @TEDxYouth@Masala, Mumbai 2011

  • Jaaga 2011 - Urban Avant-Garde Festival

  • She was part of the “3L” software beta testers team – the only VJ software that creates live 3D content.

  • She used to represent VIXID, the makers of cutting edge VJ technology – Vixid VJ16.

  • Female Pressure (Berlin) – International Female Performers collective

  • 36khz with Urban Hippy Project (Mumbai)

  • Airport music video with Masta Justy (Bangalore)

  • Wasserkraft music video with Cio D’or (Berlin)

  • 2012-13  the Moscow electronica arts scene + collaborating with local musicians + festivals.  

  • Training on D3 and Kinetic art.

  • 2016 - SEA-ME-WE with Dj Sunara J (Srilanka) Colomboscope festival

  • 2018 - TEDx Vellore speaker

  • 2018 -  ART IN MUSIC Panel at Design Fabric Festival, Mumbai #DFF2018

  • 2018 Founded Algorave India

  • 2019 BHA20  Mumbai - 20th Year Gig

  • 2019 KALA KALA KALA - video mapping kala ghoda horse

  • 2020 Algorave India VR performance on the moon.

  • 2020 Unrated - A Virtual Reality Music & Art Festival

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multi-dimension, multi sensory, collective & individual experiences


Visual & Spatial design not just changes the experience of a space but augments new realities and vibe.


being art while creating art


The spectrum of tools used range  from analog to holograms  &  wearable tech.


SCOPE A video Jockey?

A VJ is a performance artist who creates moving visual art on large displays or screens, often at events such as concerts, nightclubs and music festivals, and usually in conjunction with other performance art. This results in a live, multimedia performance that can include music, actors or dancers as well as live and pre-recorded video.

VJing is part of a world wide movement redefining the live music experience. VJ’s use specialised software and hardware to mix video and lighting “LIVE” in realtime for music and theatrical performances. Its humble roots began in the early rave scene and made its way into the mainstream through musical acts like U2, BJORK and other well known artists. Today VJ’s are a must have for large festivals and concerts. 

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