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Film Slate Marker


Films are a slice of life, and would go to far ends of the world to capture it and tell that story.

Leather Camera


Creating moments - frames that tell multiple stories. Simple stories that visualised in a new manner.

Leather Camera


The same footage edited by different people bring out different stories. Dhanya has the flair to bring any footage to life, even an NG take (Read Footage Doctor) into seamless edits which push the boundaries of a films's narrative as well as challenge the audience film watching pattern.

Photo Equipment


Designing Spaces for a Film, Exhibitions, offices or Restaurants.

A film of any kind needs a definite style to visually strengthen its language and tell the story. A designer controls the overall look of a film that illustrates the setting and visual style of the story. That includes the design of the sets, location choices, choice and supervision of props. Close collaboration with the DoP and the Director concerning color and mood are an important part of this job profile. 

Bathroom Tiles


Vj Decoy does live visual performances using video & lighting technology in clubs, galleries & alternative spaces - bringing them to life as well as stimulating an unsuspecting audience.



The Wall Project is a public art & urban design Project. It’s made a big difference for those who have been touched by it, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. We ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner.

We bring together environment strategy, ecology, community, navigation & usage of urban space. Whenever you work with

The Wall Project, you can trust that you’re in great hands. 


Hand made with a little help from the Analog 'n Digital world


VISUAL COnsultant

Aiding clients to strategise towards newer content creation, designing new ways of working, networking and market creation for retail. Using the tools - design, technology, human resources, space, social media and value systems.

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